Eat to live or live to eat ?

In my opinion, I think that there are two stereotypes of eaters : one eats to live and one lives to eat. Personally I am a boy who eats to live. In fact , I retain that the food is important but it isn't the only thing in the life.
For me eating is a pleasure and it must be a pleasure : for example when I drink or I eat whit friends.
I think that live to eat is wrong because it happens that the people become fat or obsessed from the foods.
Also there are many people who can't eat because they haven't anything and I think that live to eat isn't a form of respect for these people. More ever the people who live to eat have a lot of problem.
Finally I can say that I love eating because it's indispensable to live but we have to remember that this isn't the only purpose in the our life.
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