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Comparism - Example of test comparing three people (in this case Jason, Martha and Carolyn)

Jason is the oldest of all, Carolyn is younger than Jason but older than Martha, while is Martha is the youngest of all. Jason’s family is made up of 5 kids (2brothers and sisters), it’s actually the largest of all, Carolyn has got a normal-sized family but bigger than Martha’s, while finally Martha’s family is the smallest because she’s the only child of her parents and for this reason she gets lots of pocket money (£30), the highest amount of all, Carolyn gets £20 a week but it’s manageable than that’s of Jason who gets just £10 a week ( due to the family composition the money needs to be distributed properly accordino to the various families incombe). Carolyn spends more money than Jason but less generous than Martha who is the most generous of all; Jason puts more money in the bank with respect to both girls and the three adolescent use part of their money for ordering a pizza or going to the cinema. Jason is the most brillant and intelligent of all, She’s usually got the worst marks in the class while Carolyn is more clever than Martha but less brillant than Jason, She’s usually spends 2 hours watching TV after lunch. Jason reads more books than the girls but he’s less culturized than Carolyn who reads lots of stuffs (books, newspaper, ecc) She hates using the computer but usually writes a letter to a penfriend in Australia. Martha is the most computerised of all; she never stops chatting with kids from all over the world. She uses the computer for at least 4 hours a day (that’s crazy)!!

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