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John Logie Baird was born in 1888 and he used to spend his free time inventing things like a telefon exchange and a lighting system for his house. His house was the first in the area to have electric light. He wasn't a good student and when the war started in 1914 he interrupted his studies in electrical engineering. In 1922 he moved to London and began to crate a television using components such as a biscuit. 1925 he managed to produce a picture on a screen. In 1926 he gave the first demonstration of real television. This invention change the world but television became popular in 1950. John became famous and he died in 1946.
In this unit there are Sean and his mother. Sean is watching tv when his mother come in. Mrs marloney asks if there is anything good on Tv. Sean answers that there is a good film at 8:30 after the news bat he has already seen it. Mrs

Marloney tells that she hates all these interruptions for adverts and that when she was a girl, programs used to be more interesting and that people learnt a lot from Tv. She explains to Sean that John Baird invented the TV in the
nineteen twenties but that the TV became popular only in nineteen fifties and that in this period, people used to go out more, play cards and read. At the end Sean tells that the news is boring and his mother answers that they are important to know what happens in the world.
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