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A brick is a block of ceramic material. Bricks are the most commonly used building materials.
Bricks may be made from of clay, soft slate and calcium silicate.
Clay is mixed with water and is then burnt in a klin. In the klin, the temperature is very high (900-1000°c).
The properties of bricks are the resistance to cold and wet weather, fire resistance, flexibility and durability.
There are three methods to produce bricks: the soft mud method, the dry press method and extrusion.
The most used method is the first. According this method, it must do this: the raw clay must be first ground and then mixed with water. After, this mixture is fired in a klin.
It can add organic matter or lime to speed up the burning.
Relatively, bricks are small and light because the handling must be very efficient. The standard measures of bricks are 215x102x65 mm.
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