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Tourismo is both the practice of travelling for pleasured and interest and the business of providing services for people on holiday for exmple:
Sightseeing Trip

The advantages of tourism are:

1)An important effect on the economy of the country.
2)Tourism creates jobs for thousand of people.

The disadvantages of tourism are:

3)Price rises
4)Jobs in the Holiday season only
5)Beaches and beautiful places are spoiled by Hotels and Buildings.

who is the tourist?
Toutist is a person who visit places for pleasure and interest especially when he's on Holiday.
People travels for specific reason for example:
1)To attend a sport event, a cultural event or music event
2)To visit friends and relatives
3)To do a sport
4)To visit historical places, art cities, archeological places foreign countries.
5)For health and fitness or for business.

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