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Present continuous and be going to

Il present continuos e be going to sono spesso intercambiabili. Tuttavia si preferisce usare per il futuro il Present continuous per parlare di piani già fissati per il futuro e be going to per parlare di intenzioni per il futuro o di quello che sta per accadere.

They’re getting married at the end of May.
Si possono alla fine di maggio.
They’re going to get married sometime or other.
Si sposeranno un giorno o l’altro.
Did you see the lightning? Now we’re going to hear the thunder.
Hai visto il lampo? Ora sentiremo il tuono.

Present Perfect
Full form
I have worked
You have worked
He/she/it has worked
We have worked
You have worked
They have worked

Full form
I have not worked
You have not worked

He/she/it has not worked
We have not worked
You have not worked
They have not worked

Have I/you/we/they worked
Has he/she/it worked

Positive short answers
Yes, I/you/we/they have
Yes, he/she/it has

Negative short answers
No, I/you/we/they haven’t
No, he/she/it hasn’t

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