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Countries and nationalities

Terminazione AN
country adjective one/two person the people
America American an American the Americans
two Americans
Argentina Argentinian an Argentinian the Argentinians
two Argentinians
Austria Austrian an Austrian the Austrians
two Austrians
Belgium Belgian a Belgian the Belgians
two Belgians
Belarus Belarussian a Belarussian the Belarussian
two Belarussians
Bosnia Bosnian a Bosnian the Bosnians
two Bosnians
Bolivia Bolivian a Bolivian the Bolivians
two Bolivians
Brazil Brazilian a Brazilian the Brazilians
two Brazilians
Bulgaria Bulgarian a Bulgarian the two Bulgarians Bulgarian
Canada Canadian a Canadian the two Canadians Canadians

Chile Chilean a Chilean the Chileans
two Chileans
Colombia Colombian a Colombian the Colombians
two Colombians
Costa Rica Costa Rican a Costa Rican the Costa Ricans
two Costa Ricans
Croatia Croatian a Croatian the Croatians
two Croatians
Cuba Cuban a Cuban the Cubans
two Cubans
Ecuador Ecuadorian a Ecuadorian the Ecuadorians
two Ecuadorians
Egypt Egyptian a Egyptian the Egyptians
two Egiptians
Estonia Estonian a Estonian the Estonians
two Estonians
Georgia Georgian a Georgian the Georgians
two Georgians
Germany German a German the Germans
two Germans
Guatemala Guatemalan a Guatemalan the Guatemalans
two Guatemalans
Honduras Honduran a Honduran the Hondurans
two Hondurans
Hungary Hungarian a Hungarian the Hungarians
two Hungarians
India Indian a Indian the Indians
two Indians
Italy Italian a Italian the Italians
two Italians
Kenya Kenyan a Kenyan the Kenyans
two Kenyans
Latvia Latvian a Latvian the Latvians
two Latvians
Lithuania Lithuanian a Lithuanian the Lithuanians
two Lithuanians
Malaysia Malysian a Malaysian the Malaysians
two Malaysians
Mexico Mexican a Mexican the Mexicans
two Mexicans
Moldova Moldovan a Moldovan the Moldovans
two Moldovans
Mongolia Mongolian a Mongolian the Mongolians
two Mongolians
Morocco Moroccan a Maroccan the Maroccans
two Maroccans
Nicaragua Nicaraguan a Nicaraguan the Nicaraguans
two Nicaraguans
Norway Norwegian a Norwegian the Norwegians
two Norwegians
Panama Panamanian a Panamanian the Panamanians
two Panamanians
Paraguay Paraguayan a Paraguayan the Paraguayans
two Paraguayans
Peru Peruvian a Peruvian the Peruvians
two Peruvians
Romania Romanian a Romanian the two Romanians Romanians
Russia Russian a Russian the Russians
two Russians
Serbia Serbian a Serbian the Serbians
two Serbians
Singapore Singaporean a Singaporean the Singaporeans
two Singaporeans
Slovakia Slovakian a Slovakian the two Slovakians Slovakians
Slovenia Slovenian a Slovenian the Slovenians
two Slovenians
South Africa South African a South African the South two South Africans Africans
Tanzania Tanzanian a Tanzanian the Tanzanians
two Tanzanians
Ukraine Ukrainian an Ukrainian the Ukrainians
two Ukrainians
the United States American an American the Americans
two Americans
Uruguay Uruguayan an Uruguayan the Uruguayans
two Uruguayans
Venezuela Venezuelan a Venezuelan the Venezuelans
two Venezuelans
Yugoslavia Yugoslavian a Yugoslavian the Yugoslavians
two Yugoslavians

Terminazione ESE
country adjective one/two person the people
China Chinese a Chinese the Chinese
two Chinese

Japan Japanese a Japanese the two Japanese Japanese
Lebanon Lebanese a Lebanese the two Lebanese Lebanese
Portugal Portuguese a Portuguese the Portuguese
two Portuguese

Terminazione SH-CH
country adjective one/two person the people
Britain British a Briton the Britons
two Britons
Danmark Danish a Dane the Danes
two Danes
England English an Englishman the English
two Englishmen
Finland Finnish a Finn the Finns
two Finns
France French a Frenchman the French
two Frenchmen
Ireland Irish a Irishman the Irish
two Irishmen
Holland Ducth a Doucthman the Doucth
two Doucthmen
Poland Polish a Pole the Poles
two Poles
Scottland Scottish a Scott the Scotts
two Scotts
Sweden Swedish a Swede the Swedes
two Swedes
Turkey Turkish a Turk the Turks
two Turks
Spain Spanish a Spaniard the Spanish
two Spaniards
Wales Welsh a Welshman the Welsh
two Welshmen

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