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Trip to Google Headquarters

Two months ago, during a holiday in Dublin, I had one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I went to Dublin because my Italian friend, Tommaso, lives there, and he invited my sisters and I over. He moved there about five years ago to work for Google and so he is a ‘Googler’, a term that defines who works for Google, and for this reason we had the opportunity to visit Google Headquarters.
It is a fantastic structure which occupies nearly five buildings. They are opened every day and there’s a lot of people working there, especially young people. In each building there are five or seven floors and each floor has a different color: yellow, red, green, etc. On each floor there are open spaces and single offices, there’s a kitchen, a living room with specific themes like mountains, factories-Then there is a floor dedicated completely to games and entertainment where we can find snooker tables, ?? table tennis and play stations. My sisters and I immediately played with the miniature billiards because when we were younger, we used to play on the beach. On another floor there was an Irish pub: it seemed like being in Temple Bar, it was just like a real Irish pub! Then, when I reached the last floor I had a big surprise: besides a cosy “relax room”, there was also a room with suffused light where you could lie and relax on soft sofas and believe it or not, there was also another room where one could get massages from a very attractive and kind masseuse. . It could happen that a googler, after many working hours, could need a relaxing massage! My friend Tom told me that he rarely goes there but knowing him. I’m not sure that he was telling the truth.
Those who work for Google are very happy about it, they say that it is great to work and have fun! Googlers can also manage their working hours as they wish: the eight working hours can easily be arranged throughout the day, according to the employee’s needs!
If I were a Googler. I would work from 7 o’clock to 3 o’clock in order to have more time to dedicate to leisure and to my hobbies. Working for Google is definitely a great experience and there are surely many reasons for choosing to work in such a similar organization , but similar companies are found only abroad, so for this reason I could never work in Google because it is very far from my country. At the end, after three hours of visiting Google, we went to the city center where we visited the famous Guinnes Storehouse. It’s right in the middle of Dublin, in the legendary St. James's Gate Brewery, home of Guinnes since 1759. In the past it was a fermentation plant, but today it's been transformed into Ireland's number one international tourist attraction and world wide event. I bought some gifts there for my friends. We wanted to see other things, but we had to stop, because of the rain, so we went back to my friend’s home. However, after having seen most of Dublin, I can say that Google’s offices were the City’s most beautiful attraction.
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