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Describing our first day of school

Today is my first day at my new school. The weather outside was 25°C at quarter past eight (8:15 am). I’m wearing a dark blue “Pinacure racket” and a blue well printed skirt that reaches my knees; and I’m wearing a white longsleeve with my school badge attached at the left side of my upper pocket. I don’t want to get late at school while and instead of taking the bus my parents decided to drive me to school while heading to their office. I was a bit nervous especially when I saw my new school’s architectural entrance with thw writting “Word of faith group of schools” ( It’s actually a college and many students can decide to stay there by payment while others can go home and come back the next morning for further lectures). When we drove inside the schoolcompound everywhere was neat… Some boys and girls were revising, some were talking while others playing! The school has got lots of separate modern buildings. There is a library where everyone can go to read in silent or borrow book, there is a business center, a small bank where studente can deposit and withdraw money from and of corse there are storse which sell minerale, sweets, biscuits, different types of snack and all sorts of recreative meals in the school canteen (you can even buy and eat local food prepared by qualified cooks). The boarding house studente have got main buildings “the hostess” ( Boys and girls hostess are separated). My parents helped me bring my loads and we took them to the ckeck-in office where they told me the name and number of my room. I embraced my parents once more and waved at the mas they drove out. I took my stuffs inside; in the evening a senior student called called “Rita” came over to me and we talked and laughed a lot afterwhich she asked me to become her “school daughter” and I was happy to have gotten a school mother on my first day at school.
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