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Metaphysical poetry of 19th and 20th century and William Butler Yeats

The metaphysical thread aims to identify in real experiences signs of a deeper truth. The main author of this literary and poetic movement were Montale, Pound, Eliot and Yeats.
Metaphysical poetry is characterized by two poetic principles: the objective correlative and the resumption of cultural tradition.
The objective correlative consists of the attribution to objects of a value representing emotions or concerts.
Regarding instead the resumption of cultural tradition, it regards even the exotic countries such as Japan, and the choice, as models, of texts and authors too far in time, where this tension is present to a higher reality, such as the Bible, Alighieri Dante, the English metaphysical poets of the seventheeth century.
One of the major representatives of metaphysical poetry was William Butler Yeats, Irish poet who was born in 1865.
In his phase of full maturity, the lyrics of William Butler Yeats appear characterized by an extraordinary concreteness of language, which is set in an original way with a visionary lawn imagination.
In particular we remember that the poem, “The tower”, that was wirtten in 1928 and it is considered the masterpiece of the author, thought proceeds with images of great evocative power, which transcend if it is to become a symbol and an allusion.
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