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"Between the Acts" – Virginia Woolf

"Between the Acts" is the latest novel written by Virginia Woolf, which was published posthumously, after her suicide for drowning.
The setting is a home, a daily, domestic context, which, however, assumes in Virginia Woolf's narrative, an evocative and metaphysical connotation of echoes and intangibles.
The Second World War is imminent, and in a small country among the English campaigns a theatrical representation of the history of England is part of the whole community.
The actors, after having played the main characters in England's history, have to interpret the present and, in doing this, they present themselves on the scene with glass shards and other materials that can reflect their image.
These images represent an evocative and suggestive reality that is broken between the true reality and the representation of the reality.
This novel breaks down the traditional narrative form of the author: in fact, the book is characterized by an approach to reality and a concrete and prosaic daily life. Surely, this is a novel out of the box and not always easy to understand, in which you have to grasp the essence of the exact meaning of each word.
Symbols and omens pass through the novel: it is both a conjecture of the wounding war and the suicide of the writer.
Virginia Woolf uses a multidirectional, symbolic, disturbing and distressing style, which exudes a desperate love for culture.
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