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Wordsworth, William - "The solitary reaper"

This poem belonging to the Lyrical Ballads (a collection of poems), was written by William Wordsworth.
In this poem we find a mixture of the principal features of the romantic poetry, beginning from the individualism represented by the solitary reaper, the imagination of the poet represented by the metaphors and the idea of poetry means as a flow of emotions meditated in calm (far from the scene that causes the emotions).

This poem belonging to the Lyrical Ballads (a collection of poems), was written by singing a sad song while reaping the grain, but being the song in Scottish dialect the poet doesn't understand the meaning of it, but he perceives the melancholy tone of the beautiful song that is overflowing the valley.
In the second stanza: The poet uses some metaphors to express the beauty and the joy that this song gives to whom hears it comparing it to the song of a nightingale heard by travellers of the Arabic deserts in comfort in a shady haunt and to the song of the cuckoo for the sailors that travel for the seas.
In the third stanza: The poet, doubtful of the fact that someone will ever explain him the content of the song, he tries to analyze the causes of the pains for understanding the meaning of the song, so he supposes that song is about or of ancient events as a battle, or of humble family problems or straight a natural sorrow as the death of someone close to the girl, that could happen again.
In the fourth stanza: The poet dissuades the thought from the meaning of the song, noticing that it seems endless; now the poet that before was assembled to the song and motionless for not disturbing the girl, he is returning to home and while he is mounting up the mountain he still feels the song in his heart (this recalls the concept of poetry of Wordsworth, meant as the spontaneous flow of the emotions meditated in calm).
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