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Characters of "The Picture of Dorian Gray", Oscar Wilde

Why Dorian Gray dies in the end
Dorian Gray is aware of his sins and crimes, which are reflected in his picture, as well as of the fact that it is impossible to escape old age and death. In the attempt to change his reality, he looks back at his boyhood with a sort of nostalgia and wonders if it is possible to destroy his maturity and put an end to his life of corruption. He wants to free himself from the past and reaches the final decision of destroying the picture. In stabbing the portrait, Dorian kills himself because the picture is his conscience, his soul, a part of himself and therefore he cannot eliminate it without eliminating himself.

Difference between Lord Henry and Basil
Basil Hallward is an emotive painter and Lord Henry is one of his friends. They both belong to the aristocracy. Basil a modest and reserved person who inspired by Dorian becomes a skillful artist. Lord Henry is cynical and he never takes a position; he judges and teases and pushes others but never does anything himself. He always stays in ambiguity and talks through paradoxes. He is the typical man who wants to show his knowledge. He is a dandy, an edonist, he lives on material things, he wants to live for Beauty and is attracted by pleasure.

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