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Whitman is considered to be one of the United States' greatest poets.

I hear America singing
In this poem, Withman represents all American professions, such as the carpenter, the mason or the shoemaker. This text shows a strong patriotic spirit: Withman is proud of America and inhabitants “agree” with him. He takes into account the totality of American Society (e.g. Carpenter, boatman, wood-cutter but even the mother, who sings or the young girl, who works at home). Working is not seen as a boring or tiring activity, but it is considered as the way people can realize themselves.

O captain, my captain!
Whitman wrote this poem after Lincoln’s death, because he was murdered by a famous actor, John Booth.
Whitman considers Lincoln as a Captain, whose help has been really important, in order to improve the greatness and the importance of America and his history, which is compared with a ship; it has overcome a great number of obstacles but, now, people are exulting and they welcome their rescuer in a triumphant way, as one can see from the second part (For you bouquets and ribbon wreaths-for you the shores a-crowding). The Captain-President is considered as a Father.

At the end of the poem, there is a turning point: the Captain lies on the ground, he has no pulse and his lips are pale and still: he is dead but he saves his nation, showing courage and devotion.
People exult because of their victory, whereas the poet, sad, remembers his faithful captain.

For you, Democracy
This poem, written by Whitman, refers to a particular period of time, that’s to say the moment, when Pioneers decided to “Go west”, in order to improve their economical condition.
This poem consists of eleven lines, lines are indented and they can be read horizontally. Whitman’s poems have not a regular layout.
“For you, O Democracy” is important because of different aspects:
-The title: here, one can find the main point of Whitman’s poetics- the idea of Democracy
-Lines: there are two important lines, that’s to say “With the love of Comrades,/with the life-long love of comrades”- they show that Whitman believes in Brotherhood and equality among human beings
-“Ma femme”- these words lead us understand, that America is considered as a wife, as a woman, who has charmed the poet and now he feels that he has the duty of serving and protecting her.
- The principle of Comradeship (because of this idea of love among human beings, he has been charged of homosexuality).

To the East and to the West

This poem was written by W.Whitman. in this poem he delineates a geographic area including all American people. The main themes are America, which is glorified by the author, and the comradeship.

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