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Vonnegut, Kurt - "Cat's Cradle"

"Cat's Cradle" is a novel written by the American author Kurt Vonnegut.
The novel is science fiction, but it is also characterized by a surreal, ironic and caustic essence, permeated by a strong pessimism in the human race.
The protagonist is Jonah, a writer (as well as narrator of the novel), who has to collect material for his book: "The day the world ended".
Part of the book should be about the atomic and its inventor Felix Hoenikker. As well as father of the atomic Felix has three children of flesh and bones: the dwarf Newt, the giantess Angela and Frank. In addition to being the father of the most famous bomb, Felix has created a much more lethal weapon, the ice 9, a type of ice that differs from ice 1, the one that everyone knows, only for the arrangement of H2O molecules in the crystal lattice. A single ice crystal 9 is able to induce the freezing of all the water in the world causing its end.
Jonah (formerly called John) was a Catholic but now he has joined a new religion, he is a bokononist.
The three sons of Felix fraternally share the ice 9 with the death of their father. Maybe they are not scientists at the parent's level but they get an idea of how to use the precious treasure to get what is close to their heart.
The fourteenth book by Bokonon could give an idea of how the story will end.
The Fourteenth Book is titled: "What hope can a reasonable man have for the humanity of this earth, taking into account the experience of the last million years?". It does not take long to read the fourteenth book. It consists of a word and a point. "None".
The last part of the book is surreal: if you think about the experience of the author who survived the fire and the bombing of Dresden inside the slaughterhouse, what you must have seen out of there probably the book is a way of camouflaging very hard memories. And even the Bokononist religion based on lies has its own bitter meaning. A Catholic or anyway a believer who witnesses a massacre like that of Dresden and a world war may not appreciate the excessive freedom of will that God leaves to man. It is difficult to explain the silence of God.
Hence the last words of Bokonon, the non-God who at this point in history would seem to be another alter ego of the author.
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