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"The Solitary Summer" - Elizabeth von Arnim

"The Solitary Summer" is a novel written by Elizabeth von Arnim that was published in 1899.
The protagonist Elizabeth is a mother of three little girls and her desire is to meditate in solitude and enjoy the peace of her garden.
The text is written in the form of a diary, from which a nineteenth century life story emerges. Elizabeth recounts a summer in which alternations are observed about the beauty of nature and flowers (for which the protagonist cares a great deal of interest) to reflect on the meaning of life. There are also short episodes that make the idea of the activities that take place in the estate of the wealthy Von Arnim family: lessons with the private teacher of the daughters, outdoor games, walks, parties, but also recruiting A young gardener, the choice of a new pastor, the passage of imperial troops.
The author does not fail to mention even more serious arguments, such as the illness and death of some local children, victims of the ignorance of their mothers who are acting in unorthodox traditions and do not trust the doctors' advice. Elisabeth, animated by generous philanthropism, discretely engages in the lives of humble people, dispensing some advice, providing material support. He makes us share his observations, which of course can only condemn absurd practices, but from his words always come to understand, never disdain.
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