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The Metaphysical Poem

The term metaphysical means "concerned with the fundamental problems of the universe, and man's function or place in life".
The Metaphysical Poet , who rrote during the first three-quarter of the 17th century, was expected to be a man of wit, expressing not only his sensitivity, but also his knowledge and cleverness.
Metaphysical Poetry conteins:
- Contains referencesto fields that were unusual for poetry, such as religius debate, astrology,alchemy, sea-discovery and philosophy;
- Arranges metaphors and images in an unexpected way so as to surprise the reader;
- Is full og paradox and metaphors called conceits, with make an amazing comparsion between two apparently dissimilar ideas;
- Has a dramatic quality which is clear in the opening lines where the reader is immerser right into the heart of the poet's central theme
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