Lorep di Lorep
Ominide 1403 punti


This ballad is set in the Medieval times in the kingdom of Camelot. It deals with the sad story of Elaine, a young lady, who is victim of a spell, she lives in a tower and she cannot stop weaving a colorful web. She cannot go out from the tower and she sees what happens outside, in the real world, only looking in a mirror, so as the poet says, she is “Half sick of shadows”. One day, she sees Lancelot, an handsome Knight, reflected in the mirror. So she decided to look out of her window for the first time, she breaks the spell and, well-aware of her destiny, she writes her name on a boat and then, drifts an dies. Characteristics of a ballad: There is a refrain, use of impressive words, it was campaigned by music, a lot of repetitions.


This panting represents the lady who leave the tower because thanks to the spell her death is arrived. In the background we can see a mountain and a forest, in the middle ground there are a lake and a mole and in the foreground we can see a very sad scene characterized by the lady’s resignation. Light colors of the lady are in contrast with the landscape. That is the final act of her curse and it is represented the cloth that she wove. The predominant colors are dark in contrast with the light of the lady, that represents his purity.
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