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Tom Stoppard

The most prominent among the living English dramatists, author of ingenious and surreal plays rich in wit, homour, intelligence, theatricality and verbal verve often used to support absurd and apparently suggesting that "farce is both the true realism and the only valid strategy for artist and individual alike"
The writer Tom Stoppard was born in Tomas Straussler in 1937 in Zlin (now Gottwaldov), Czechoslovakia. In 1939, before the German invaded the country, the Singapore, in 1942, to escape the Japanese invasion, Mrs Straussler and her sons were evacuated to India, while the father remained and was killed. In India Tom's mother married Major Kenneth Stoppard and Tom eventually took his stepfather's name and nationality. After the war, in 1946, the Stoppard moved to England. From 1954 to 1963 Tom worked as a journalist in Bristol. In 1963 he began writing for the theater and his first play, A Walk on the Water, was produced on independence television. But it was only in 1966 that he was able to make a name as a playwright with the staging of Rosencrantz and Guildensten Are Dead.
In 1976 he began reading about Russian dissidents and, in 1977, he visited Moscow and Leningrad with a member of Amnesty International. When, in Czechoslovakia, some people were arrested for attempting to deliver a charter (now known as "Charter 77"), Stoppard wrote about the repression in the "New York Times" and eventually used the problem of dissidents in some of his plays.
In June of the same year he returned to Czechoslovakia for the first time since his departure in 1939. Here he met the dramatist Vaclav Havel, who had just been released from prison, and eventually dedicated Professional Foul to him.
Between the late 1990's his dramatic activity was not at its best, but he was able to renew himself and produced two of his finest plays so far, Arcadia and The Invention of Love. In 2000 he was awarded the Order of merit by the Queen and in 2008 he received the Dan David Prize for "Creative Rendering of the Past".
Among his works there is:
The Real Inspector Hound
After Magritte
Cahoot's Macbeth and lots more.
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