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One day the lawyer Utterson and his cousin Enfield, during a walk, find again next to the door of a corner in a popolous district lived by hard-working merchants. So Enfield tells that time before-to the 3m00 of a dark morning in winter-he saw from those parts a child who raced along the road and who crashes with a gentleman. These treads on her and Enfield run after the guy and when grabbled him he made account tgat possessed a something terrible and repugnant.
Her parents decided to ask money to the man who returned with a check signed by Henry Jekyll, even if was Edward Hyde. Utterson once returned home after the story of his cousin Enfield and discovers tgat the only beneficiary of the will of his friend Jekyll is Hyde. Since Jekyll is evasive, the lawyer asks explanations to Dr Lanyon who doesn't know what to say. So Utterson decides to put on the traces of the mysterious individual and the two are met before house of Jekyll. An evening Jekyll invites his friends to dine from him, and among these there is also Utterson, who tries to resolve the mystery of the will, and makes him confess from Jekyll that Hyde has never gone him so much to genius, but the doctor demands that in case of one death of his is goes sustained and helped. Hyde,while walking for road, beats an elderly gentleman: he is Danvers Carew, a very beloved personality from the citizens of London and cognizant of Utterson. A passer-by seeing what happened faints, and when recovers, telks ever thing to the police, who is coming with Utterson to Hyde's house where there isn't trace of Hyde. After the homicide of Carew, the lawyer brings him from Jekyll to discuss on the murder who swears that he won't have anymore contacts with Hyde and leaves a signed letter to Utterson and he asks him to decide whether to make to see it to the police or not. Shortly after, Utterson brings him for Mr Guest-his personal clerk-who compares the writing of the letter of Hyde with that of the invitation to supper of Jekyll and notes a strange similarity among the two handwritings, despite their differences.
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