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Ode to the West Wind

According to the poet, the WIND is the best messenger of his poetical diction, because he spreads his voice in the universe.
The wind isn’t only a natural phenomenon which can preserve and destroy life itself (destroyer because he takes away the leaves from the trees; preserver because it takes seeds in the earth and allows them to have a new life in spring.),but it’s also the poet alter ego, manifesting his emotion feelings and his personal freedom.
- In the first stanza the poet stressed the autumnal effects that the west wind has on the land, especially how the death leaves are torn violently by it.
- In the second stanza the poet analyzes the effects of the wind in the sky upon the clouds chancing the setting completely.
- In the 3th stanza the poet emphasis how the seas and oceans are in harmony with the wind: in this way the eternal force of nature involves the land ,the sky and the sea at the same time
- in the 4th stanza the poet asks for the wind's help as he seeks to escape from this sad world. He also compares his happy childhood to the freedom of the wind itself
- in the fifth stanza there is an optimistic conclusion, the poet metaphorically identifies himself with the wind melody, and through his verses reaches a sort of communion with the wind itself
Similes and metaphors refer to this natural element:
- leaves and death/like ghosts/pale and hectic red/pestilence/stricken standing for death
- seeds and winged/ cold and low as a corpse in its grave/ symbolize the rebirth
- death and ashes/winter
- life and new birth/ spring
Hues evokes different vision of nature:
Blue is connected with sea landscape, while grey with the fear of storms.
The whole poem is reach in questions and exclamation marks to emphasis artist's personality
The wind is the metaphor representing Shelly's creed
The topic of death and rebirth is proposed in two different way:
- the former (death) is represented by revolution as the poet's means of destroying tyranny
- the latter (rebirth) is his personal belief in starting a new and independent life
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