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Shelley, Mary-"Frankenstein"


"Frankenstein, or modern Prometheus" may be considered as a:
Gothic novel: on the one hand, “Frankenstein” is marked by an atmosphere of danger and suspense; on the other hand, it differs from many gothic novels because of the lack of traditional features, for example medieval and exotic settings.
Also, the supernatural is replaced by science.
Forerunner of science fiction: it deals with the theme of scientific research.
Philosophical novel: Dr. Frankenstein wants to go beyond human limits, but his choice brings about his self-destruction


Frankenstein is an ambitious Swiss scientist who decided to create a human being by assembling parts from corpses stolen in the churchyard. He manages to give life to him by electric shocks. However, his creature looks like a monster and for this reason he’s not happy with it. The scientist is scared by the monster, who runs away. The monsters appears again in the Swiss Alps. There, he realizes all the people he meets reject him because of his appearance, which raises his hatred towards mankind. He kills Frankenstein’s mother, best friend and wife. Frankenstein sails to the North Pole to kill the monster, who wounds him and accuses all man because of her lack of compassion towards him.

Writing technique

There are three first-person non omniscient narrators:
1.An English explorer named Robert Walton; at the beginning of the novel he writes to his sisters about an injured man he saved, that it Dr. Frankenstein. In the final party of the novel he ends the story;
2.Frankenstein, who tells the story of his life;
3.The monster, who tells a part of the story from his point of view.


A new outlook about moral transgression: Frankenstein is aware of his scientific crime but he carries out his idea.
Scientific research and the effects of science on man.
“Faustian dream”
Isolation from society, represented by the monster.
Creation of artificial life: “Frankenstein” is a modern version of this ancient theme.