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Ahmed Salman Rushdie

Ahmed Salman Rushdie was born in Bombay, India, in 1947, the son of a wealthy Muslim businessman. He was educated at Cambridge University, where he got a degree in history in 1968. He worked for Pakistan television, and later became an advertising copywriter in London.
His first novel, Grimus, appeared in 1975. His next work, Midnight’s Children (1981), brought him international recognition. In Shame (1983), Rushdie deals between military and civilian rule in contemporary Pakistan and the oppression of women by the Muslim culture of Shame and honor. The Satanic Verses (1988) is a complex work where the two protagonists – expatriate Indians like the author – move from Bombay to multicultural London, Argentina and Mount Everest. Rushdie questions the power of faith, religion and tradition in the modern world.
Certain passages about the birth of a religion very similar to Islam regarded as blasphemous by Iranian Muslims, and brought upon Rushdie a death sentence or fatwa. East, West – Rushdie first collection of short-stories-appeared in 1994. Its main theme is the clash between Eastern and Western cultural traditions. Rushdie was forced to live in hiding under police protection, somewhere in England, for several years.
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