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Pamela is an epistolary novel, that is one written in letter and is the first example of best-seller in the history of english literature. Pamela is a poor fifteen-years-old girl who dares to resist her master's sexual advances and does so with a sense of moral value of her resistance. Pamela is considered a heroine and represents the triumph of virtue.
The novel put forward the values of a middle class whose life is based on rectitude and morality, and is in contrast with the freer lifestyle of the nobles. With the words "my soul is of equal importance with the soul of a princess" she strongly states her right to be respected apart from her social status, indeed the novel, with the marriage of Pamela and Mr. B, also celebrates the union of the nobility and the middle class. And, in real history as in the novel, it was the new middle class that forced the nobility to accept their ideals and way of life; it is the beginning of a new social and politic system, based on democracy, independence, freedom, equality and justice, so with no more social differences.
Despite her social position, Pamela has aquired an education and has learned from a philosopher that men are all alike in front of death and God's judgement, but God punish with more violence nobles, because they had the possibility of helping poors but they didn't, the could spend their time in admirable activities but the prefered to dedicate their lives to useless and futile things.
Pamela is the first psychological novel written in England: the author show the readers the protagounist's feelings and doubts, he analyzes Pamela's attitude and points out the conflict between the love for Mr B and the need to resist his advances, in order to preserve her dignity.
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