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Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria, the daughter of Edward, duke of Kent, became queen of Britain and Empress of India in 1837 following the death of her uncle William IV. She married the German Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, but he died at the age of forty-two in 1861 much to Victoria`s sorrow. Her long reign lasted sixty-four years and was marked by impotant political and social events and by a strict conventional morality both within family and society.
The Victorian Age was also the age of "great British Imperialism". All the following countries became part of colonial British Empire: India, Ceylon, The Malay States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, New Zeland, Canada, Australia and part of Africa. The Queen supported Disreali`s foreign policy to extend British colonial dominions. There was another reason to create new colonies:t he rapidly increasing population of Britain. As a result, settlements in Canada, Australia and New Zelanda from the 1840 sonwards were encouraged. By the end of the nineteenth century Britain controlled the oceans and many countries around the world.
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