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Poore, Michael - "Reincarnation Blues"
"Reincarnation Blues" is a novel written by the American author Michael Poore.
Milo is the oldest soul that has ever existed, which has been reincarnated in several lives almost ten thousand times. He lived, suffered, rejoiced, and died in thousands of different ways (sometimes even in a very bloody way): he was a spiritual guide, a sage, a criminal, a killer, a genius unjustly thrown in jail and whoever has, more put it.

The last lives to be lived remain; what he does not know is that once he has reached the reincarnation number ten thousand, if his soul does not reach perfection to join the super-soul, it will be thrown into oblivion, destroyed forever. However, Milo does not seem very attracted by this perspective: he likes to reincarnate and live lives so different from each other, and above all he is in love with Suzie, a beautiful woman who in the afterlife plays the role of Death. Every time he dies, Milo finds her waiting for him along the River of the Beyond, and together they spend that little bit of time between a reincarnation of Milo to another. However, the universe does not seem to want to give it the beauty of their love, the joy of being together; both, however, will not give up, even though they are going through a thousand difficulties.
Therefore, we will find ourselves witnessing the last reincarnations of Milo: we will find ourselves in India; in a distant future in which humanity has colonized space and the earth has been destroyed; in the near future in which this colonization is in its infancy and most of humanity is enslaved by the Cartels of Resources; Ohio; on the Sun. All these reincarnations seem to be so many small stories, linked by a common thread kept intact from the story of Suzie and Milo, in search of a Perfection that would not make sense if they were not together.
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