Wilfred Owen of the First World War poets

Wilfred Owen is regarded as the greatest of the First World War poets. His poems reject nationalism and sentimentality and mix traditional romantic imagery with the bloody reality of war. In 1916, Owen became shell-shocked and was sent home to recover. He voluntarily returned to the army in 1918 and was killed a week before the end of the war.
World War I officially broke out when the Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. the war was essentially between the German Empire and the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on one side and Britain and France on the other. The second important feature of the war was that, it involved the mobilization of masses of people.
The war ended in November 1918 and the Peace Treaty was signed in Versailles in 1919. the later years of the war saw the most significant revolution of the century the Russian Revolution of October 1917.
Consequences of the war: On the political and economic front, the war had left most of the participating powers in financial ruins, apart from the US. The horrors of World War I its tremendous cost in terms of human lives let to a profound change in people’s attitudes to war in general. There was an Anti-warfeeling.

In Britain’s overseas colonies, most notably India, there was a mood of rebellion. There, Mahatma Gandhi initiated a protest movement based on the principles of non-violence and civil disobedience, whose aim was to speed up Indian independence.
The inter-war years: After the First World War, some attempt was made to create a new balance of power through the creation in 1920 of the League of Nations, a precursor to the United Nations. However, the severe treatment of Germany by the victorious allies led to a growing feeling of nationalist resentment. This paved the way for Hitler’s National Socialist (or Nazi) movement. Taking advantage of Germany’s economic crisis, Hitler rose rapidly to power and began to rebuild the armed forces.

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