The modern novel

The novelist rejected omniscient narration and experimented new method to represent the individual consciousness; the viewpoint shifted from the external world to the internal world of a character's mind.
The idea of time : Bergson made a distinction between historical time (external, linear) and psychological time (internal, subjective and measured by the relative emotional intensity of a moment); it is called duration and depends to mind, it can be expanded or contracted depending how is important what we are thinking. Time is the sudden revelation of an interior reality causes by the most trivial events of everyday life. Was introduced the stream of consciousness technique and the interior monologue to reproduce the uninterrupted flow of thoughts, sensation, memories, associations and emotions in a flux of words, ideas and images quite similar to the mind's activity

Another technique used in this period is the stream of consciousness: The novelist focus in a new true of reality, the reality of the mind.

The stream of consciousness comes from the interior monologue, because it represents the real language of our mind, it developed in a different way, without a grammatical and a rational control.
Another technique is the Epiphany: it is a sudden revelation, thanks an apparent meaningless (casual) event that gives the solution to a problem.

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