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John Milton

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is an epic poem, because of the greatness of his subject. It takes place in the universe: Heaven, Eden and Hell, with men, fallen angels, God and Satan. It has an elevated style and a Latin syntax, with a difficult vocabulary (to attest the puritan principles). Satan has the characteristics of an epic hero (leadership, courage…). Paradise Lost is composed by 12 books (it’s a long work): 6 about Adam and Eve and 6 about Satan (either of them lost the Paradise, because they disobeyed god). Milton wrote also many sonnets, where he talks about himself. Satan is like a hero, because his figure is heroic, charismatic and attractive (he did not repent, like Milton in his life); Satan is a rebel against God (he is the symbol of the political rebels). The difference between Satan and Adam and Eve is that the last two now are on Earth and they could regain Paradise (by the puritan principles), while Satan is condemned in Hell. Satan represents the puritan rebels and God represents Charles I.

On His Blindness

It’s one of the most important sonnets written by Milton. This work can be divided into two parts: in the first one (1-8) there’s a question, while in the second one (8-14) there’s the answer. Milton is asking himself why God, who wants men to use their talents, has taken away from him the gift of sight. In the second part of the sonnet, he realizes that blindness doesn’t prevent him to serve God, because he can do it through his mind.
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