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Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield is the pseudonym of Kathleen Beauchamp, who was born in New Zealand in 1888. At 19 she left her native country to settle in England and become a full-time writer. Her deep disillusionment appears in the sad humour of the stories collected in In a German Pension (1911).
She published several stories in the literary magazines Rhythm and The Blue Review, where the critic John Murray worked as an editor. He became her husband in 1918. Her literary reputation was not established until after the publication of Bliss and Other Stories in 1919, which contains stories evocatives of her family life in New Zealand.
Her fame was enhanced by the next two volumes, The Garden Party and the Other Stories (1920) and The Dove’s Nest (1923), which includes the story published in this anthology. Her characteristic prose style, which is so similar to poetry, and her acute power of psychological introspection make her one of the greatest exponents of the short story. She died of consumption in 1923.

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