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Lawrence was born in 1885 in Eastwood. His father was a miner and his mother was a woman of higher class who had been a schoolteacher. Thanks to his mother's education and poor physical health Lawrence escaped the miner's destiny. In 1908 he become a teacher and began writing poetry. When his brother died he became of his mother's emotional life to which he dedicated the autobiographical novel Sans and Lovers. A few years later his mother died and in 1912 he abandoned teaching after pneumonia. In 1914 he got married with the German wife of a French professor. He spent the 1920's travelling throughout the world and he died in France of TB in 1930. Several novels by Lawrence were banned by the censors but later acquitted on the change of obscenity and published unabridged both in Great Britain and in the USA only in the 1960's.

His view of life and style

His work was a revolutionary force: his fight against the mechanical and the artificial aspects of the industrial civilization, his concerns about the emotions coming from alienation, his penetrating analysis of the relations between the sexes. He consider men as a mixture of culture and biology, of natural impulses and instinct. In fact, according to Lawrence, the “mind knowledge” is the separation of human intellectual from natural impulses which can lead to degeneration. Of all the natural impulses, the sexual one is the strongest, so only sex can save humanity form self-destruction. His concept of women goes against the new social role they had acquired; he consider woman only an instrument for mankind's happiness. His female are often sensitive girls who are aware of the essential “otherness” of their partners, whose intellectual and sexual supremacy they accept. Lawrence employed the traditional omniscient narrator limiting his intervention to the minimum; the point of view is generally that of the characters. He uses the techniques of “showing” and “telling” a method to reveal the feelings of the characters through the rhymes, repetitions, alliterations, assonances that convey a musical effect. He also uses words and images linked to senses.
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