Jack Kerouac e la Beat Generation

Kerouac belonged to a group of “Beat writers” formed by Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Neal Cassidy. Later they became a movement that professed the complete freedom from the traditional values of middle-class. In particular they characterized an entire generation and spread the figure of “beatniks”, a person who does not follow the conventional way to dress, to live, to act. often in order to live in an extreme way, a beatnik used to take drugs to escape from the oppressing realty where he lived. A new underground culture emerged, characterized by poetry, jazz music , spiritual philosophy, and by a new language too, called “hip language”. It was very used in the most representative book of this generation: On the road. Kerouac describes a real journey around the America with his friend Cassidy, under the invented name of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty, The true voyage he wants to tell is interior; they have not a reason or a specific destination to reach : they want to live for kicks, in order to live every moment with extreme intensity, without any rules and free from any social and economic convention. The Book is written in a very spontaneous way and is very subjective; the episodes are reported as soon as they happen, as a diary.
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