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horror stories

"If movies are the dreams of the mass culture... horror movies are the nightmares"-Stephen king
Horror is an ancient art form. We tried to terrorize one another with stories that test our brave. From the misterious ballads of the ancient world to modern urban myths, the people are searching somethings that can scary them or so these can make them feel excited. Some people hate horror stories because they have really fear by something that not exist and that they don't know, but there is so many people that love feel strong sentiment and for them there are very much products about horror like books, games, pictures, song... There are, infact, some writers, some director or some band that are "specialized" in this area like Stephen King, autor of famous horror books, or Ridley Scott, autor of Alien one of the best Horror film of the century. But when we speack about the horror genre we must think big because the world "scary" changes depending on the subject. There are some people that are scared by a spider or by insects and there is who is scared by killer's stories. Everybody have different tastes and, like says a latin proverb, "de gustibus non disputandum est" ie "do not argue about tastes ". The genre horror don't has a story because it borns with mans and it was present since first novels, since the ancient rites and even ballads. But if we talk about horror movies we must know how and when they born. First horror movie was shot in the 1890, it called The Haunted Castle and was a mute film that "spoke" about some ghosts and mysterious beings in a noble castle that frightened the people around the territory, just for fun. It was a big success for that time but if we see them now we can just laugh. With the time, the development of 3d and various revolutions of effects, the horror movies are become story of our worst nightmare in the real life. With horror movies were born new scary creatures like zombie, wolf-man, soul eaters, and old creatures that we found in old stories have been changed. But if we compared horror movies at horror games we can see the different speed of the story: in films there is more action, it happened in a real place and the "frightening-subject" is aggressive, when see the protagonist try to kill him. But in video games the most of horror game are logical- action in a background insane and mysterious, sometime also a innocent thing can become a scary monster. The first horror game was Mystery House (1980), it was based only on riddles and clues that took you to solve the case.
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