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Thomas Hardy: he was born in 1840 in a rural village. He celebrate the rural life. He is considered the first of the moderns and he have a pessimistic and realistic attitude. He offended many Victorians and for this reason was ridiculed by critics and moralists of the period. For him man is a victim of circumstance and the nature is indifferent to man. His protagonists are often alienated from society. His characters fight a cruel destiny and for him God is indifferent to the humankind’s suffering.
Tess d'Auberville: is the story about Tess. She is the oldest daughter of a aristocratic family. To help her irresponsible parents she have to work for a wealthy young man, Alec D’Urberville, who cruelly seduces her. After she leaves him and returns home before giving birth to a sickly child who doesn’t survive long. She finds work in a dairy farm where meets Angel Clare. Both fall in love and Angel asks Tess to marring him. She accept but writes a letter to him in which she reveals her past. On their wedding day she discovers that Angel has never read the letter and for this reason the wedding takes place nonetheless. After Angel discover the Tess’s past. He leaves her and travels overseas. Tess have to work and she go in a faraway part of the country where nobody knows her, but she accidentally meets her old seducer again. D’Urbervill has an hard interest for her. Finally Tess back into is arms because she is forces by her parents, because their haven’t money. But Angel returns at home and discovers Tess with Alec. Desperate Tess kills Alec and follows Angel, who forgives her. After both spend a few days of happiness before the police arrest her. She is found guilty of Alec’s murder and hanged. Tess is a victim of fact.

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