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The Faithful Swallow

When summer shone
Its sweetest on
An August day,
'Here evermore'
I said, 'I'll stay;
Not go away
To another shore
As fickle they!'

December came:
'Twas not the same!
I did not know
Would serve me so.
Frost, hunger, snow;
And now, ah me,
Too late to go!

This poem written by Thomas Hardy in 1913 is about a faithful swallow.
During the summer, the swallow decides to stay in a place for ever and it thinks that other shores are fickle, but when December comes “Frost, hunger, snow” (line 14) might kill it, but is too late to go away.
This poem is split into two long stanzas. Each stanza in made up of eight lines of short length. All lines begin with a capital letter. There is an end-stopped line (line 9) and there are run-on lines (lines 11 and 12). There is a strange rhyme scheme (AABCBBCB – DDEFGEHG). In this poem there is a personification because the swallow is the main character and it is talking to us. like the first part of this poem because it gives me a sense of joy and quietness, but I don’t like the second part because it gives me a sense of sadness.

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