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"Letal White"

"Letal White" is a novel written by Robert Galbraith, pseudonym of J.K. Rowling
In the book "Career of Evil", the adventures of the protagonists Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott were told. The story told in "Letal White" resumed exactly from the point where we left the two protagonists and also responds to that fateful question with which the third volume tended to end. The private life of the various characters does not end with this; on the contrary, the entire text - although a leap of about a year from the events mentioned above - unfolds in an alternation of sub-definitions, misunderstandings, unsaid words, fears, fragility, ties which at the same time crumble and strengthen, feelings that inevitably lead to a single path, lies, half truths, omissions, truth and work. The agency of which Robin is now a salaried partner and in which he has returned to full capacity is getting better, partly thanks to the advertising dictated by the resolution of previous cases, partly thanks to the intrinsic skill of Strike and the team that surrounds him. However, just as Cormoran is hired by the Minister of Culture Jasper Chiswell (pronounced "Chizzle") because he was blackmailed for a fact that occurred six years earlier and that at that time illegal was not to the detriment of the present in which (we are in 2012) on the contrary is, a young man in the grip of a psychotic event, bursts into his office to report to the former military a crime that he witnessed when he was a child. Denise, the skeptical and impulsive secretary by hours, terrified by this stinking individual and dressed as a bum, calls the police causing her to flee. There is no doubt that Billy Knight suffers from disturbances of the mind, but in his story there is something sincere, a suffocated cry, a request for help to which it is impossible to escape. Robin and Strike begin to investigate what is a case in which nothing is what appears, in which yesterday and today alternate in what is the reconstruction of a complex puzzle, in which one crime hides another one and another one. All this between settings that wind through the rooms and corridors of the English Parliament, country estates, streets and suburbs of a bustling London. Why? Because above all we are in full climate Olympics (and Paraolimpiadi), a circumstance that will lead Strike to have to deal with the RAOC, a group opposed to the sporting event led by Jimmy Knight, brother ten years older than Billy, but at the At the same time, it will also be linked to the Chizzle case.
With a fluid and magnetic narrative style, a well-structured and structured interweaving that accompanies the connoisseur on a path of discoveries that is by no means obvious and linear, with protagonists that are more and more stratified and well-conceived, Robert Galbraith - alias JK Rowling - donates to the connoisseur a very respectable text that you read with pleasure and conclude - too quickly, although I tried to slow down in all ways I finished it in almost four days despite its eight hundred pages - with regret. The rhythm of the events, the yellow but also the introspective and romantic aspect of the work, is well timed and although the mole watchful is the attention of the adventurer from beginning to end. Indeed, when by now the case seems to have come to an end, here is a second part of the elaborate that completely shuffles the cards on the table so as to give life to a further novel in the novel that for its structure and development also offers a resolution to the most personal and proper facts of the investigators.
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