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"The Ocean at the End of the Lane" - Neil Gaiman

"The Ocean at the End of the Lane" was written by the English author Neil Gaiman and it was published in 2013.
The protagonist of this story is a lively, perspicacious, self-sufficient kid who can go out alone and for whom to call an adult is the last resource to solve problems (a real example of “divergent thinking”, that consists in being capable of using imagination and intuition in order to find alternative solutions).
In addition, the child is a lonely and introverted reader who loves books but not just people: he prefers to lock himself in his little world of readings because "books are less dangerous than people."
Although the novel is considered by many critics as a novel for children, many elements of the story and of the style tend to depart it from the aforementioned narrative genre, such as: the mesmerizing between ordinary and extraordinary and the atmospheric atmosphere, recreated with great narrative skills by the writer.
In addition, narration occurs from the point of view of an adult who, in some ways, elevates the age range to which it refers (the protagonist is 7 years old when the events unfold).
The author repeatedly emphasizes the erroneous and idealized belief of the protagonist (and that of all children), according to which adults are never afraid, are strong and nothing makes them cry.
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