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Eliot, George - "Middlemarch"

"Middlemarch" is a novel written in 1874 by the British author George Eliot.
The novel can be considered as a monumental atlas of anatomy of the soul, in which many different "human categories" are outlined: there are those who have a sweet nature and a burning heart; those who believe that they know life by looking at it through precious laces, and who life truly knows it through the hard process of experience; There are those who want to redeem old sins, but they can not because the past runs faster than the future; there are those who fail in projects that are too ambitious and those who succumb to the yoke of the whims and anxieties of others' selfishness or, even worse, under the imperative dogma of social duty. Finally, there are those who, guided by noble impulses, do not stop before hypocrisy and abjection, but continue with confident simplicity along the dirt path of direct and total understanding of the neighbor.
The novel deals with "ordinary" women and men who vibrate for a just purpose or fall under the weight of a wrong purpose. It is the not too homogeneous compote of their affections, of their feelings, of their miseries and nobility, of their wandering or firm step forward, of their choices and their destinies. What makes them different from each other is the consistency of their souls, which can be vacuously faded or intensely dazzling.
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