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Commento "No man is an island" di J. Donne

"No man is an island" is a poem where Donne reflects about the relationship between man and man and about the theme of death.
In the first part of the poem, Donne reflects about the sound of the bell tolling and he wonders if the bell is tolling for him of for another person and he asks himself if the person is aware that the bell has sounded for him but then he realizes that the bell tolls for everyone because the Church is universal and so are all her actions. The Universality of the Church, expressed through the metaphor of the book, comes from God because when one person dies, he is not forgotten but he uis sent to Heaven and whether a person dies of old age or sickness, it is God's will. God as an universal author will bind together all the chapters (men) into a volume of a universal library ( Heaven).
In the second part of the poem, Donne returns to the idea that every person is part of something bigger, such as a community and that every person is connected to other human beings. Through the metaphor of the continent Donne wants to say that when a person dies ( a clod is washed away), the community will be different because one part of the community dies too ( the continent will be less). In the end, the poet says to do not ask for who the bell tolls because it tolls for all of us.
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