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In England, during the 18th century, there was the enlightenment, that expressed the importance of treason and order not just in everyday life but especially in artistic forms like poetry. For what concerned the emotions and the imagination, these had to be controlled by the person and intellectuals suggested a rational thinking and argumentation. On the contrary, during the romantic age, there is the importance of feelings and intuition and free play of imagination.
There are also some differences for what concern the role of the children and childhood: in fact, while in the Augustan age children must be disciplined and civilized, during the romantic age children are sacred, being the closest creatures to God and adults should learn a lot of things from their childhood experience. We can find differences in the language too: in fact the classical language is sophisticated while the language used by the romantic poets is the common language that every people can know. There are also few classical allusions or themes in romantic poems, are used medieval and oriental histories and poetry is seen as the expression of the soul and the celebration of the natural experience.
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