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"The jewel that was ours"

"The jewel that was ours" is a novel written by the English author Norman Colin Dexter.
In this novel, the author merges the classic component of the detective mystery to action crime.
ColinDexter drags the reader into a carousel of investigations, each with collection of clues, analysis, profile of the suspect, reconstruction of the past, plot of the crime and catastrophic plot twist. Follow the character of Morse in his careful analysis of the crime scene, of the many details, which, through deduction and twists and turns into final lighting, is the maximum that a passionate reader of this kind can ask. Even the narrative method is brilliant and attentive in dosing suspense and plot twists. Moreover, the irony of the narrator represents that extra touch that outlines, enriching facets, the various characters that crowd the plot and revolve around the investigation.
In this case, in "The jewel that was ours", to disappear is an ancient jewel, the Ferrule of Wolvercote, which an American heiress wants to donate to an Oxford museum. Obviously, the jewel does not arrive at its destination, because it is stolen. Shortly after the theft, the owner dies of a heart attack and the curator of the Anglo-Saxon antiquities of the museum, Professor Theodore Kemp, is murdered. There is always something that can happen. Morse knows and investigates in order to foresee the unpredictable, putting each piece in its place, to unveil the right concatenation of events. Scrutinizing in every detail, the solitary detective Morse discovers what is the "jewel that was ours" at the base of a chain of painful deaths.
The jewel that was ours is a stimulating novel from the intellectual point of view and compelling from the narrative point of view. It's a great read for yellow lovers.
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