Video appunto: Dickens, Charles - Coketown
Coketown di Charles Dickens

Coketown is a town of red brick or blackened by smoke and ash. There are a lot of machinery and tall chimneys emitting smoke constantly. It has a black canal and a purple river (because of the discharge and pollution). In this town there was monotony, it was all the same: houses, streets, and people were doing the same jobs and the same things.
But against all this (who were very important in Coketown) there were comforts and the luxuries of the “fine lady” who endured the noise and was not interested in anything.
The narrator contrasts life in the industrial city with the goods produced in the factories and their eventual destination, and the nature of this contrast it that the goods produced in Coketown are destined for the homes of the rich who don’t want to know where they come from (example: the Fine Lady).