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P.B.Shelley e W.Wordsworth

Questo appunto mette in evidenza le caratteristiche fondamentali dei due autori mettendole a confronto punto per punto; si consiglia quindi di usare ciò che segue incorporandolo con una propria produzione personale
Premmessa: sebbene questo appunto sia stato corretto dalla mia insegnante di inglese, potrebbe essere soggetto ad errori di battitura, mi scuso per gli eventuali errori

Main themes

Shelley: Shelley's main themes are freedom and love as remedies for the faults and evils of society. Only love can fight against political, moral and social conventions
Wordsworth: Wordsworth's main themes are senses and perceptions shown throwgh nature: its sound and the view of nature's beauties. But, above all, the memory that allows the poet to give life to his poetry. Memory gives the poet the way to recollect emotion in tranquillity


Shelley: For Shelley poetry is the expression of the imagination in order to change the reality of the material world. But the imagination leads the poet to suffe and isolate himself from the rest of the world
Wordsworth: For Wordsworth imagination has got a new meaning. It refers to his accurate faithful and loving observation of nature

Poets’s tasks

Shelley: The poet is a propher and a Titan challenging the cosmos; his task is to help mankind to reach an ideal world free from tyranny, destruction and alienation.
Wordsworth: The poet for Wordsworth has more sensibility than common man and he uses this power for penetrating the heart of things. He becomes a teacher who shows man how to understand their feelings and improve their moral being.


Shelley: Shelley doesn't describe the real word of Wordsworth's poem, but his approach to nature provides him with images and symbols from creating his cosmic schemes. Nature is considered as a refuge from the disappointment and injustice of the ordinary world.
Wordsworth: Wordsworth likeRusseau, believes in the goodness of nature as well as in the excellence of the child. Man through his senses and feelings can express his human consciouses by the interactions and the observation of natural phenomena. This is the reason why Wordsworth believed that man and nature are inseparable.
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