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During Victorian age there was the triumph of the novel. the most important protagonist wee the Bronte sisters which published their works under pseudonyms.


It is a revolutionary novel because it can be classified as different kinds of novel (guarda pc). It is the story of Catharine and Heathcliff.
Chapter 9
In this chapters, Emily Bronte describes one of the most important problem of women during Victorian age: the marriage. Many times, they can’t marry the man they loved because they must marry a very rich men to have lots of money and have a reputation in the society. This is the problem of Catherine that wants the help of her housekeeper, Nelly, more open minded than Catherine. She loves Heathcliff but she must marry Linton because he is rich and so she can help Heathcliff, who is poor . She said everything to Nelly but Heathcliff is in the same room and he listened. But he listened only the first part of the speech of Catherine and go away. He didn’t listen the important declaration of love pronounced by Catherine.
Chapter 16
This part expresses Heathcliff’s reactions at the news of Catherine's death: he began to howl, he cursed Catherine, so that she won’t be able to rest, because she has left him for the second time. At the end, he began to dash his head against a tree and he injured himself; Nelly tried to help him, but he ordered her to go away, so she was obliged to do what her master asked her.


Agnes Grey is the daughter of a minister, whose family comes to financial ruin and so she takes a jobs as a governess. Working with two different families, the Bloomfields and the Murrays, she understand how hard is to grow children. After her father's death Agnes opens a small school with her mother and finds happiness with a man who loves her.


Jane Eyre is a girl who was abused by her aunt and her cousins in her childhood.
In this chapters she founds a work in Mr. Rochester’s house, a very rich men who falls in love of her. When she arrives at home, she describes the furniture and the rooms: Charlotte Bronte used a technique from the cinema: zoom in, zoom out, to explain that the house looked like mysterious.
One night Jane saw a ghost, a shape: she said that to Mr. Rochester but he said that it was only a nightmare. But the shape was real because she was the first wife of Rochester that set fire at home when Rochester and Jane will married. Rochester will became blind and he will helped by Jane. So the roles change because if in the first part of the novel Jane was dependent from Rochester, in the second one, he was dependent from her.
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