Video appunto: Huxley, Aldous - Brave new world (5)

Brave new world

The author is Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) and the book was published in 1932.
It's a science fiction set in the future. The point of view is the one of the narrator; he gives us the evaluation of what it's happening but it's so ironical and so we understand the real judge of narrator.

Brave new world describes a future world in which all society is controlled by 10 man who follow scientific laws: born control, psychological control...
The story shows conditions of the european world after the Great War in which totalitarisms were going to take the place of democracy. Huxley knew what totalitarisms mean and probably he put in the book what he expected would have happened.
There is also a critic of industrial mass production: everything os equal to the other, chemistry control the production, animals, people, vegetables are produced by industries/factories and they are produced in the number needed by society and with precise features. Powers man substitutes unuseful people with goodone.

It's clear, almost from that final passage, that there's a relation with Hitler's and Stalin's policy. Nazism was a movement that had the same ideas: only the german race had to survive, people with deseases didn't have the right to live and had to be eliminated by the police.