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American Renaissance

In the 19th century Amenerca’s culture centre was in New England were the puritan influence was very strong. In the middle ages of the century a group of intellectuals developed the “the New England Renaissance”. This expression meant the beginning of a truly American literature with own themes and style. This literature was a sort of reaction against puritan art code. One of the most important figure of the American Renaissance was Walde Emerson who founded the “ Transcendental clup”. The members of this movement though that nature is a place where man can find the thruths of life and they though that the individual soul is the refection of human mind. Transcendentalism also exalted the human capability to overcome the problem of mortal world.

Britain and America

British government wanted the Americans to help pay for their defense and imposed taxes. These taxes provocated the rebellion. At the Boston Tea party, the rebels dressed up like native Americans and threw the British tea into the harbour. The Americans divided into Patriots and Loyalists and the war of independence began in 1775. The rebels won thanks to the French support too. George Washington became the leader of the army. On 4 July 1776 the congress signed the declaration of independence written by Thomas Jefferson. Britain recognized the independence of its colonies.

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