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The Vikings

Fierce, pagan warriors

The vikings came form the Scandinavian (Norway, Sweden, Denmark ), they were fierce, pagan warriors. They invaded the England with their ships “Wave Walker” that were swift and strong, they robbed the villages near the cost. Then a big viking army began to conquer the England and they managed to conquer all Celts land expect the Wessex. We know where they lived for the names of cities, in fact their cities had a suffix -by or -thorpe.

King Aflred, Ethelred and Edward

King Alfred was not only a military leader but he also made a significant contribution to Saxon culture, in fact he encouraged education and he order to write a history of Saxon: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. He did the first English law and divided the country into shires.

After him there was king Ethelred how raised tax to pay Vikings to go away. Then there was king Edward called Edward the confessor who order to build Westminister Abbey.
When he died there was a war for kingdom between Harold, Hardrada, the King of Norway and Wlliam, Duke of Normandy. Harold killed Hardrada but he died in the battke if Hastings and Williams became a new King. The normans descended from the Vikings, they spoke france.

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