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Mary Shelley - Frankestain

“Frankestain” is Mary Shelley’s masterpiece. It is written in form of letters by the caption Robert Walton to his own sister in which he tells the story of a man called Victor Frankenstein that he rescued during a voyage to the North Pole, who tells him his history.
Victor was a Swiss scientist and he explains that he was affascinated by the mystery, of the origin of life so that he had discovered “the cause of generation and life”. He builds a creator assembling parts taken from dead man bodies and menages to instil the park of life into it.
When the creature opened his eyes, and started to breathe, Victor was horrified and disgusted and he abandoned him rushing out. When he returned, the creature was gone and Victor felt relived. However, some tragic events began to happen and Victor began to suspect the monster he had created.
Shattered by grief and guilt, Frankenstein tried to find consolation in nature : he climbs up a mountain and there he finds the creature that explains to him that he hates his makers since he abandoned him. The creature asks to the scientist to give him a companion but, if at the first moment Victor agrees, than he refuses his request. From that moment Victor’s life is a nightmare: the creature persecutes him killing those that he loves. Victor’s aim si to destroy the creature but it will die only when the scientist dies too.
The subtitle of Frankenstein is “the modern Prometheus” : Prometheus was the titan who side from the sun to help mankind and punished by Zeus who chained him to a mountain and sending an eagle to feed on his liver.
In Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein is like Prometheus : he is a men who knows a lot more than others and steals the knowledge of the secret of life for helping mankind
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