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"ROMEO AND JULIET" by William Shakespeare

First Act - In Verona there are two houses in enmity with each other, Capuleti and Montecchi. Sansone and Gregorio, servants to Capuleti meet Abramo and Baldassare, servants of Montecchi, and start fighting. Benvoglio, Montecchi's nephew, arrives and try to calm the men, but Tibaldo, of the enemy house, enters and attacks Benvoglio. This fight involves many citizens and the heads of the two houses and their wives go down in the street to see. Prince Escalo stops the fight and strongly threatens them because it isn't the first time that it happens, so tells Montecchi and Capuleti to come to speak with him in judgment place. Lady Montecchi asks to Benvoglio about Romeo, her son that is sad and always stays alone, without giving the reason of his behavior. Benvoglio speaks with him and discovers that he suffers because of he loves a woman who doesn't love him. That woman, Rosalina, is invited to a party in Capuleti's house and Romeo decides to go there despite people of the house of Montecchi can't do it. During this party, Paride, a young nobleman, will try to conquer the heart of Juliet, the fourteen years old daughter of Capuleti. When Juliet knows that Paride sought her for his love, she's not very interested in him and less in marriage. Romeo goes to the party with a friend, Mercuzio, he meets Juliet, they kiss each other and fall in love. But Romeo discovered that she is a Capuleti and gets desperate, and so does Juliet.

Second Act - Romeo can't return to home at the end of the party and goes, without be seen, in the Capuleti's garden where hears Juliet speaking alone about her desperate love for him. They meet and confess their love each other. Juliet tells Romeo that the day after she will send someone to him to have a confirmation of Romeo's real intention to marry her. The morning after Romeo goes in friar Lorenzo's cell and asks him to celebrate his marriage that day. The friar is shocked by the speed mutation of Romeo's love but isn't completely contrary, because it could be a way of peace for the two enemy houses. Then Romeo meets his friends and they see him much more happy. While they're talking, Juliet's nurse arrives to have the confirmation; Romeo tells her to send Juliet in the church, pretending with his family that she's going to shrift, where they will meet with the friar. At the notice Juliet, happy, goes there and marry Romeo.

Third Act - Tibaldo, who hates Romeo because he has seen him at the party, attacks him at the presence of Romeo's friends. Mercuzio draws to defend Romeo but he is killed by Tibaldo. So Romeo, furious, kills Tibaldo with the sword. Now, He must escape from Verona or he would be doomed to death. Montecchi and Capuleti know the fact and the prince condemns Romeo with the exile. Juliet is waiting for Romeo for the first night together but the nurse narrates her the fact. She is desperate and so Romeo. With the help of the nurse and the friar, Romeo can go in her room and stay there for the night. After, he will leave to Mantova until the situation returns calm. But Capuleti decides that Juliet will marry Paride in some days. In the morning, Romeo is already escaped. Juliet violently quarrels with his father because she doesn't want Paride for husband. Her parents tell her that they don't want her like a daughter again. The nurse agrees with them and Juliet is indignant, so decides to go to friar Lorenzo to find a solution.

Fourth Act - The friar gives Juliet a vial that will make her like a dead woman for two days. So all the people in Verona will believe that she's dead. She will be able to escape in Mantova with Romeo who will be present to her awakening after the funeral. The friar suddenly writes some letters to Romeo to make him know the plan. In Capuleti's house, Juliet pretends to agree to the marriage; then, in the night, she drinks the vial. The morning after, all the house is desperate because of the false death and the funeral is ready.

Fifth Act - Baldassare arrives to Romeo before the friar's letters and the man believes Juliet is dead. He's out of himself because of the pain and leaves to Verona to see her the last time. He buys some strong poison to kill himself in Juliet's grave. Friar Lorenzo has the notice of the not arrive of his letter and, worried, wants to go to Juliet but he doesn't arrive before Romeo. On the grave, Romeo find Paride, they fight and Paride falls dead. Seeing Juliet motionless, he drinks the poison to die near his beloved. In that moment the friar arrives but Romeo is already dead; Juliet wakes up. Seeing her Romeo without life, she kills herself with his dagger. The prince, Capuleti and Montecchi are called to the bloody grove and shocked by the terrible and mysterious fact. Friar Lorenzo narrates to them all the tragic story and a letter that Romeo has written for his father confirms friar's words. The two houses understand the horror that has been given by their enmity and make peace at the presence of the prince.

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