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The theatre
The theatre was born in the church because the priest wanted to teach the Gospel, the Holy Bible, the scriptures and the lives of Saints.
Drama, in the middle age, was more popular than the poetry and prose because even unlettered people could understand the plot and enjoy the performance.
Two main forms of drama, in England, were:
-themystery plays based on episodes from the Bible;
-themorality plays based on a moral and allegoric reading of man's life.
Both forms were common to the European drama of the time.

Mistery plays become so popular than the church got too small to house so many people.

At first the performance moved outside the church; first in the church yard and next in the town.
Then, was born the morality plays. They wanted to teach a moral, infact they had a moral purpose.
The characters were stereotyped: they weren't a real characters, but they rappresented vices and virtues.
Interludes were a link between the middle age and renaissance age. Here, there are real characters and comic elements

Main causes of the development of theatre:
1. It was cheap;
2. Everybody could attend the performance. (There weren't distinction between court taste and popular tastes);
3. Going to theatre was already an habit;
4. Unlettered people could understand it;
5. There were talented playwrights.

Born: The real theatre:
- Inns become theatre;
- Audience usually sat around the yard, in the gallery;
- It was octagonal or circular in shape;
- There wasn't no roof;
- The stage was a raised platform;
- Women couldn't act;
- Female roles taken up by boys actor;
- Actors didn't wear scene costumes;
- There weren't furniture stage;
- The performances were very lively;
- Theatre was patronized by the nobles.

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